Playing With Language

Puerta Abierta Preschool is a not for profit school designed to give children the opportunity to enrich their language and experience cross-cultural development through age appropriate curriculum and activities geared toward the development of fluency and pre-literacy skills in English and Spanish, allowing children to

affirm the values of their own cultural heritage while acquiring an understanding, appreciation and acceptance of other cultures

— Spanish Language Arts, Curriculum for Dual Language Schools – Inter-American Magnet School.

Classes at Puerta Abierta are taught in a mixture of Spanish and English. Half of the children in our school are native Spanish speakers; the other half are English dominant. Together, the children work to acquire a second language at an early age. They learn together and from each other in an atmosphere that values each child’s culture as well as each child’s individual skill set.

If you have ever through the alley behind Hemenway Church in southeastern Evanston, chances are you have seen a diverse group of happily engaged children on our playground, which is nestled among the plants and flowers behind Hemenway Church. These energetic little folks are our best ambassadors — a symbol of what our not-for-profit preschool is all about. Those children are immersed in an authentic cross-cultural environment—learning from each other even as they develop important emotional and intellectual skills.

The best way to learn about Puerta Abierta is to see for yourself. Visit us. We are located at 933 Chicago Ave. in the Hemenway Methodist Church building in Evanston, IL.